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Well, I am still working on getting over the depression of not  being able to wake up and listen to my BFF’s giggling.  Cosying up in our host, Marsha’s, huge bed each morning and chatting away. But alas…all good things come to an end.

It’s not often that we all get to spend time together, at once, but when we do, we do it well! We arrived late on Thursday evening and headed straight for the bar. Well, Marsha’s bar that is … and that is where we stayed. Till about 4am. Friday morning we dragged our not so dynamic selves to Tasha’s! I have been dying to go there, and once we ordered had serious FOMO seeing all the delicious noms being taken to tables around us!! Will have to go back, so glad we have one in Constantia now. (note to self: GO BITCH)

We then headed off to the Portuguese Festival, where Marsha got mistaken for Jeannie D, as one does. This was one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. Jersey Shore like…. everywhere!!!! Bad clothes, bad people.  I mean, tights are tights. But your pantyhose are not supposed to be substitutes for tights. We didn’t stay too long.  Scarred for life. I couldn’t even get a pic, but I’m sure you all know what I am talking about hey Joburgers???

Friday evening was Madame Zingara time! It was my first experience and I LOVED every second! Awesome dinner, good wine (Thanks Haute Cabrierre – love you)  and fantastic entertainment, PLUS a hottie waiter!

The following day we went to Sandton City which was jam packed (though all you Jozi folk came to Cape Town for Easter huh?) Had breakfast at the hotel and headed off to Soweto. This was just cool. Walking through Madiba’s old house, drinking African Beer (vom but hey I did it) and just experiencing something that is historical, and a part of each and everyone of us – Too  cool!

That night we put on our best and strutted into Buddha Ta – bit dead, so we headed off to Movida. Had such a good night And felt worse for wear the next morning…as our plans were to go to Gold Reef City. Rollercoasters + hangovers = eating hotdogs to settle the tummies.

I cannot thank my dear friends enough for the fantasmo weekend! Leigh, Andrew, Lizanne and our dear Marsha…heart you guys xxx I have the most beautiful friends!

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